Kentek is a compound word from Japanese, where Ken means health, Tek means technology. This name represents our mission of applying the most advanced technologies to public health care. We are passionate about innovation and full of energy to act for a better life.

Kentek is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the KENTORI product line - a biological germicidal product line with the main ingredient being HOCL (Hypochlorous acid) in its purest form. HOCL is known to be an anti-bacterial active ingredient that is naturally produced by the human immune system to fight pathogens that invade from the outside.

With the most advanced production method, researched and developed by Japan's leading prestigious scientific research institutes, as well as the potential to infinitely expand the application scale, we are confident to bring to customers. Vietnamese consumers safe, effective, and versatile germicidal products.

Our strengths:

Traditionally, Hypochlorous acid can be produced by electrolysis, a technique that uses direct current to control a chemical reaction by passing an electric current through a solution of NaCl (table salt) and water. . However, the HOCL molecule produced by this method has an unstable structure and easily decomposes immediately afterwards, meaning that the bactericidal properties are no longer available. Therefore, despite the outstanding advantages of bactericidal, products containing HOCL are still difficult to be widely used.

However, Kentek Pharma's KENTORI product line is manufactured using the most advanced technology from which HOCL is created, which is stable for up to 12 months, ensuring outstanding bactericidal performance and ease of use in community.

  • Core values:

We strive to achieve our goals by believing in the cutting-edge technology we are collaborating on as well as the care we put into each product we create. Every member of Kentek Pharma is mindful that creating a green and clean living environment for Vietnamese people is our mission. In that common spirit, we are committed to fulfilling our duties with the utmost diligence, rigor and integrity.

  • Vision:

In the future, our vision is to make KENTORI the leading brand in providing HOCL application products in Vietnam. With the desire that each individual in the community is protected from pathogenic microorganisms by the most modern technology. This strategic vision embodies our mission and devotion, which are at the core of our business philosophy.

  • Our story:

Vietnam is a developing country located in the tropical monsoon climate which is hot and humid all year round, which has created favorable conditions for many pathogenic microorganisms to multiply and develop. Meanwhile, infection control in Vietnam is still limited, millions of Vietnamese people including children are still living and working in an infected environment without a protective measure. effective and safe.

With a strong belief that the Vietnamese community deserves to live in a greener and cleaner environment, every Vietnamese child is protected and grows up healthier. We, the founders of Kentek Pharma, cherish a dream of creating safe and effective germicidal products to replace harmful cleaning chemicals that pollute the environment and health. Each Kentek product is applied the most advanced research results from Japan's leading scientific experts in biotechnology and sterilization.