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– KENTORI is antibacterial electrolyzed water with 99.985% which is produced using the most advanced technology of Japan today.
– KENTORI is tested by reputable testing units of Vietnam and Japan, proven capable of killing many harmful bacteria and viruses within seconds.
– KENTORI is widely applied in many industries and fields such as agriculture, fisheries, restaurants, hotels, schools...

– KENTORI contains the main active ingredient with antibacterial properties, HOCl (Hypochlorous acid) at a concentration of 45 ~ 60 ppm, pH 4.5 that has antibacterial ability within a few seconds.
– Effective against all types of bacteria, fungi, spores and has antibacterial ability on most harmful bacteria strains such as Bacilli, Spirococci, Cocci as well as Enveloped Viruses (Sars Covid, ..) and no cover.

– Yes, KENTORI is effective against bacteria, fungi, spores and has antibacterial ability on most harmful bacteria strains such as Bacilli, Spirococci, Cocci as well as Encapsulated Viruses (Sars Cov). ,..) and no cover.
– Studies on the effect of HOCL have been carried out on pathogenic bacteria such as Listeria, Salmonella, E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and common acquired viruses such as Norovirus-digestive disorders, Enterovirus - causes ear, foot, mouth disease, Influenza virus causes seasonal flu, ...

Hypochlorous (HOCl) is a neutrally charged molecule. Bacteria have negatively charged cell walls. Like the magnet principle, molecules with the same electrical charge repel each other. For example, the negatively charged molecule (OCl-) repels bacterial cell walls, disrupting the bacterial cell wall, causing the bacteria to burst and destroy them. Besides, HOCl easily penetrates and penetrates the cell wall layer, destroying important components inside bacteria. Kill bacteria deep inside without affecting human health.

Because Kentori is pure water. However, it still effectively kills bacteria because Kentori contains endogenous HOCl functional group. plays a role in immunity as in the body.

KENTORI is a solution to help clean and antibacterial on people and living items such as: Hands, face, body, clothes, and on living items such as door handles, phones, laptops, tables and chairs. or spray antibacterial in a large air environment, ... in a very effective and safe way.

HOCL is the chemical formula of Hypochlorous acid. It is a powerful oxidizing agent with the ability to destroy pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungal strains after only 5 seconds.

HOCL is not harmful to the skin. After the antibacterial effect, the bond in the active ingredient HOCL becomes weaker and soluble in water, so it is very gentle and safe for users, including on baby's skin, on the mucous membranes of the eyes and mouth if accidentally exposed. .

KENTORI is researched and manufactured in Japan. Application of breakthrough 3-diaphragm Electrolysis technology has been patented and protected worldwide. It is the most advanced technology available today. The above technology brings KENTORI to customers with 3 NO: No Alcohol, No Chemicals and No Preservatives, demonstrating outstanding antibacterial ability.

– KENTORI has strong antibacterial activity in just a few seconds, does not corrode metals, is not a toxic chemical, does not change the taste or taste of food when used.
– KENTORI does not contain alcohol, can be used to disinfect the air on a large scale without worrying about fire and explosion incidents.
– KENTORI does not contain harmful chemicals, do not worry about chemical residues after use.
– KENTORI does not irritate eyes, skin, including sensitive skin of infants and is non-toxic when accidentally swallowed.

No. KENTORI's ingredients are 99.985% purified water which is safe and non-irritating to children's skin, including babies' skin and children's personal items such as toothbrushes, pacifiers, face towels and sanitize surfaces in direct contact with children.

- No. The antibacterial mechanism of HOCl is to penetrate into the cell membrane of microorganisms. Oxidative reactions break the bonds inside microorganisms, but HOCl bonds are disintegrated when there is the participation of lipids in the cells of microorganisms. body and replace it with water.
- At the same time, KENTORI does not leave residue, does not react with other chemical ingredients that are harmful to the skin.

No, because KENTORI ingredient 99.985% is water, not a harmful chemical. HOCl is not strong enough to act on body cells, so when children accidentally swallow KENTORI, it is completely harmless, not toxic.

The active ingredient HOCl in KENTORI has a weak bond, so as soon as the antibacterial effect is complete, the HOCl bond will be broken and dissolved in water, so it is safe for users and environmentally friendly. .

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